Cooking For Kids – Chicken Alfredo w/ Caesar Salad

In this post you will learn how to do Cooking For Kids – Chicken Alfredo w/ Caesar Salad.

Looking for a fun way to get your kids involved in the family dinners?
Check out this simple recipe that the whole family can make and eat together.
Everyone loves Chicken Alfredo w/ Caesar Salad.

Nutritious is good, but fast and nutritious is better.

That’s why these days I’m all about those broccoli pre-cut bags. Short-cuts such as frozen meat, boxed broth, and rotisserie chickens are completely legit
*do not let any parent tell you otherwise on the playground.

Kids should eat the same thing as adults—most of the time.

This is a rule that is easy to aspire to, but not always easy to follow: the same meal is eaten by everyone in the family. Naturally, some individuals are blessed with kids who gladly chow down with pickled mushrooms on escarole salad or spicy tofu. If that’s you, congratulations— you won at parenting and you don’t need any guidance and kindly inform us all you’ve done so that we can stop arguing with our kids.

Eating Healthy has never been easier

Garden Chicken Alfredo / Garden Shrimp Alfredo / Garden Tofu Alfredo

  • 10 MIN PREP
  • 20 MINUTES
  • 270 CALORIES
  • $3.30

Make it a perfectly balanced plate & serve with:
• ½ cup cooked chicken, shrimp or tofu
• 1 cup steamed vegetables, your choice

Get the full details here CLICK HERE FOR FULL ALFREDO RECIPE

Did you know… Facts about good food

Caesar Salad

Cooking For Kids – Chicken Alfredo w/ Caesar Salad is a great dinner idea for your family to enjoy together.

Kids love Caesar Salad and this simple 15 minute recipe is just perfect for them to make.

  • 10 MIN PREP
  • 10-15 MINUTES
  • 170 CALORIES
  • $1.10

Lighten Up! Skip the oil and mayo and use instead 1/4 cup (60 ml) low-fat yogurt. You’ll save 80 calories and 9 g of fat per serving!




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